Traders pocket gains as Europe heads to polls: Markets brace for Monday morning rout


Stock markets across Europe fell as investors took their profits from a week of gains to prepare for crucial elections on the Continent this weekend.

The euro was also on the slide against the pound and the dollar, having dropped …

It’s all about delight: Why Vancouver is a multi-modal success story


Screen capture Vancouver’s Multi-Modal Success Story

Having been to Vancouver twice recently, I was a bit blasé when Clarence Eckerson Jr. sent a note about his new video, Vancouver’s Multi-Modal Success Story. It’s all about how the City was aiming …

This Shade Court Almost Ended Me


Is it possible to have a very slow stroke that lasts an entire year? It must be, because I know no other way to describe the state of my brain at this time.

I am weary y’all, and the truly …

Stoned teen sends priceless email her teacher after wisdom tooth surgery


Teens high on pain killers after getting their wisdom teeth pulled out of their face will never fail to provide hilarious situations.

19-year-old Abby Jo Hamele had her wisdom teeth extracted recently. If you’ve ever had some teeth removed, you’ll …

Wedding goers hold up flight, try to bribe passengers to let their friends on


An Indian airline learned the hard way not to piss off a gaggle of stressed out wedding guests.

A domestic flight in India had to delay its departure by 90 minutes Friday morning after a "technical glitch" resulted in overbooking …

Feds to AT&T and Verizon: You can’t have free data deals and an open internet



The government’s most important media regulator just sent a clear message to America’s biggest wireless companies: Your free data streaming programs are a violation of net neutrality.

The question, though: Will it matter?

In letters to …

Yale Sets Policy That Could Allow Renaming of Calhoun College


In 1933, when Yale University named one of its new residential colleges for the ardently pro-slavery statesman John C. Calhoun, at least one person was unexcited.

“I suppose that I ought/To have bayed at the moon/Singing the praises/of John C. …

Loving My Son, After His Death


I can feel their unasked questions. People wonder how I can still stand, still walk, still laugh. But they don’t ask. You can’t ask that of a mother who has lost her child. My son, Daniel, died three years ago …

‘Rigged’ or Not, Election Positions Trump to Shape Rules on How You Vote


After an extraordinarily contentious election, crucial elements of the rules that determine how Americans vote will be under assault from conservatives and facing legal challenges heading toward the Supreme Court as Donald J. Trump prepares to become president.

Mr. Trump’s …

Trump’s Defense pick has ties to Theranos


Inside the Theranos lab with Elizabeth Holmes

Donald Trump’s pick for secretary of Defense has ties to Theranos, a troubled Silicon Valley startup.

On Thursday, President-elect Trump said he would nominate retired Marine General James Mattis for secretary of Defense.…